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Leadership Integrity Survey

Leadership Integrity Survey

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The Leadership Integrity Survey is a new self-score survey that will reveal how you navigate four critical leadership challenges: Identity, Authenticity, Alignment and Accountability.

inTEgro's Leadership and Organizational Integrity Model evolved from observations over 25 years of how "triple-e" leaders and organizations – those that are are simultaneously effective, engaging and ethical – navigate four integrity challenges:

Challenges Successfully Navigating The Challenges
1. Identity Leaders know who they are, what they value and where they are going. They have a high level of self-awareness; they leverage their strengths and know their limitations.
2. Authenticity Leaders are trusted because they tell it like it is and walk their talk. They create climates for truth-telling, act on their convictions and empower others to act in pursuit of organizational goals.
3. Alignment Leaders’ personal and work lives display a sense of “fit,” or harmony. Leaders are consistent but not stagnant, demonstrating adaptability while staying true to who they are. They are catalysts for unity with diversity.
4. Accountability Leaders pay attention to what matters and deliver on their promises. They are effective stewards of the resources entrusted to them. They are mindful of the impact their decisions and actions have on others, however far removed.

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Feature: P-2680-F000004
  • P-2680-F000004